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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Things are taking shape

Finally one of my very first models that I actually went back to and re-modelled to get the poly layout done properly is basically finished. All the modelling is mine, the initial UV layout is mine also, I had a friend(Jeongwon Cho) do the texturing and I believe he re did a bunch of the UV layouts. I have to admit though he did an incredible job, I have learned a whole ton for my new model about texturing from him and hopefully it will look half as good as the texture job he did for my tank. I threw in some quick lights for this post but I will improve the lighting for my reel.
Anyhow I will be back to my other model(see Occlussion image below) this comming week, I started re-modelling the arms and I have a quick start to its animation, most of the rig is done, I have the arm rig in just no controls for them, not hrd to add them in as I go though.
Well I'm off to bed have a good 1!!


Jeongwon Cho said...
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Jeongwon Cho said...

Great modeling!I was happy with your model while making texture. I look forward to your stuffs!