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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Particle Woe's

Well I spent way too much time trying to get the particles for my anim and model that I could ave spent more time doing something else. Unfortunatley they didn't turn out nearly as expected, I have my modelling reel version below and the little bit of fire on the hands actually isnt too bad, I have to re-render my animation though since the particles do some freaky things, they screw up the shadows, may have to do them as a seperate pass, but they also turn some of the frames into silhouettes, don't know why. I took them out of those particular frames, the frames render fine in turn but now it looks kind of goofy. I think I will do the animation without the particles and just use combustion to comp in the smokeI want and the fire effects. I hope it will look good though and not cheese. Well here are the two most recent versions and the ones I have been talking about.



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damian/toby said...

nice work Damian. especially like the modeling part. very slick.