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Friday, September 7, 2007

Life's a Changin

Wow its been along while since my last post. Hmmm what to say and where to start. Well lets begin with. YAY I'm finally married.. Guess you couold say I'm part of the grown ups club now. Hehehe.
I havn't been very active with my own stuff outside of work and I jknow I really need to get back on that horse b4 it rides to far into the sunset. I have a character I'm still working on, The Boba Fett from one of the cgsocieties challenges. As the images below suggest its still very much a work in progress. I may have bit off more than I could chew here at work but I was just so incredubly zealous when I first started I wanted to make an impression. we still have some after hours stuff going on but I'm trying to not be so involved that I leave no time for any of my own stuff.

Regardless, I hope to be a touch more frequent with my posts.We shall see.. Also of note my good friend jeong got hired on at Starz a few weeks back, good for him.

Well hope to be posting soon. L8tr


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