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Tuesday, February 7, 2012


So I have been for sometime working on one of my game designs. For the most part it is heavily influenced by the old style turn based/real time strategy game X-Com. I have been working on a few ideas that will take it to the board. Its not an easy task for sure.

There is currently a game out that has been heavily influenced by X-com called "Target Earth". The game looks interesting and they have taken it in a different direction. Its not an exact clone of X-com but it has many of the same ideas. Currently my concern is making sure that I do the same....By that I don't mean copy them, I mean making sure I take it in a different direction so its not a clone of either.

One current Issue I have been working on is the board. I have an idea for having it on a risk board so that it covers the entire globe but I'm wondering about movement and getting the design the way I want it. The game currently is being designed for solo play with multi player option to follow.

My other idea is to create a map of a single Country (Most likely U.S) and possibly have other countries on their own board so that will allow for a larger playing space, but could have the feeling of playing solo with people....If that makes sense.

The time frame is early 60's. I'm hoping to be able to have some event cards that will incorporate some of the global events of the era. The game itself is meant to be played semi-co-op between 3 players with a 4Th player option as the invader (this idea is still up in the air)

Anyways this is a rough image of one of the early tech level interceptor player cards. I have an idea to have multiple fighters possibly from various countries that can be up graded to new techs as the players play through the game.

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